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Oh my goodness. I did not mean to disappear for so long. A new year has begun, and we are already into the second month! Time seems to be flying faster and faster! I hope this post finds you well, and that your year has begun well!

In Wellington, we are experiencing the wettest/coolest summer in 30 years (described in the news as the fewest “beach days”). I have to say I am personally enjoying it. I wish I could say it has led to more knitting (and blogging) time, but that hasn’t really eventuated due to other life happenings.

You may have noticed my Instagram feed showing off the finished Regenerate. Here it is again (some of these pics haven’t made it to Instagram):



It is large and I love it! And as usual with Mary-Anne Mace‘s designs, I enjoyed every minute of knitting this beautiful design.

Because I chose to use fingering-weight yarn and not lace-weight, and work one more repeat of Chart 3 to make it a larger shawl, I ran out of the 200g ball that I originally used, and had to find more (what’s new!) Fortunately, I had more Anna Gratton merino/mohair in my stash that matched perfectly and it adds to the wonderful woodland feel of this botanically inspired shawl .img_3143-800x800img_3147-800x600

It has been wonderful to cuddle under the shawl on our cooler days. It is yet another favourite piece of knitwear.

Friends of mine were admiring my shawls the other day and asked if I sold my work. I replied that it takes many, many hours to knit a shawl, and if I were to recoup my time costs, the figure involved would be viewed as unaffordable by most people. We went on to have a brief discussion about slow fashion and how making your own clothes does mean you can create them to your own specifications and in the colour/fabric you like. My friend remarked that it meant I had a unique wardrobe as a result, followed by cute addition from her husband of “well, it’s only unique because you won’t sell your work!” It was one of those maker’s moments. Clearly, my friend is now on the “knitworthy” list!

Since finishing Regenerate, I have begun work on Supplejack. This is a fast and fun project, and I am nearly finished!

IMG_3212 (800x449).jpg

As usual, I am doing my own thing in some way, and in this instance it means I have used four colours and not three, and put in colours in the order that pleased me.

I’m using Dark Harbour Yarn in Jetsam in Limey and Port in Pearls That Were His Eyes; Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Lotus, and Ruataniwha Dye Studio 100% Merino in Spruce.

I’ll be able to show you the finished project soon!




Caretta Caretta and the shawl planning

A happy weekend to you!

This weekend hasn’t been the most wonderful. I am stressing about work and how much I still have to do, but sometimes we get so overwhelmed that the only thing to do is walk away and bury oneself in something else in order to reset the brain so it can function normally again. My colleague referred to it as having too many tabs open in the brain, and I think she is absolutely right! So I have shut all the tabs, and decided instead to open a fun, de-stress app called “knitting”.

A sock was finished this week. I am absolutely in love with this colourway. I think the Caretta Caretta pattern in Socktopus has teamed the Sokkusu O yarn perfectly. I love the vintage effect.


It was meant to have beads, but I don’t like the idea of beads pressing into my feet, so omitted them. I think it still looks great without them. I also made some accidental mods – instead of 3 x 1 ribbing in the cuff, I made it 2 x 2.  By the time I realised my mistake, I decided that it was fine like that. I also went into automatic toe mode and made the toes stockinette as opposed to 3 x 1 rib, but again, I think they look fine as is so did not rip out and redo.

The other project that has been occupying my needles is the Braidsmaid.

IMG_2626 (800x600).jpg

I am fascinated with the shaping aspects of this shawl. I will tell you more about it when it is finished – likely to be next weekend.

And then there was more shawl planning… so much fun! (If you click on the images you will be able to see larger versions if you are interested).

I am wanting to knit the 3 colour cashmere shawl and have been thinking a lot about colour options. Whatever I wear needs to fit in with my mostly neutral (corporate) wardrobe. I already have quite a few shawls featuring red, so went for something different. These two are in the lead at the moment:

These lovelies are (from left),  House Crow (Revelry Sock) by CircusTonichandmade; Stone (Purple Label) by Tanis Fiber Arts, and Mink (Tough Love Sock) by Sweet Georgia. The second colour option is Barn Owl (the white speckle) (Jubilee Sock) by CircusTonicHandmade; a yarn whose label I have lost, and Stone by Tanis Fiber Arts.

Decisions, decisions!!  One combination picks up the browns in all the yarns and the other combination picks up the purples. I suspect I will end up with the purples, as they work better with my colouring.  Plus I feel more excited about the finished product when I see those skeins together!

And finally, the next sock I have started:

IMG_2658 (800x800).jpg

This is V Junkie, also from Socktopus. I’m using an older Knitsch colourway, Mandli. It’s a very fun knit.

I had better go now and sort myself for the launch of Socktober later in the week – watch out for two sock pattern releases from me on 15 September, and don’t forget the code SOCKtober2016 to get 40% off all sock patterns in my store from 15 September – 31 October 2016. Don’t forget to check out the Carolina Fiber Girls or their Ravelry Group for details of other exciting Socktober specials!

Have a wonderful start to the week, and Happy Knitting!


Too incredible… way to go NZ Post!

Today’s story is about tiredness, mistakes and a very happy ending, brought about by some super cool people at NZ Post.

It all began when I sat at my computer one evening, exhausted and fed up with my enormous workload, and decided to give myself to a yarn treat as a reward for all the long hours I had been doing.

Naughty (but nice) Alice had pointed me in the direction of Tanis, whom I had not really considered buying from before, but her rave comments about the yarn made me think, why not?

So, I selected a couple of super pretty colours and a couple of different bases, filled in my address (double-checking that the suburb was there… have lost yarn in the mail before because it possibly went to the wrong suburb and despite the best efforts of the post office, the mail was never found…) and sent off the order.  Went to bed.

Order confirmation was sitting in my mailbox the next day, but I didn’t bother looking at it.

Shipping confirmation came through a few days later, to which I thought “Great!  That was quick!” but didn’t bother looking at it.

A couple of days later, I thought I’d just read the confirmations.  My heart sank to the bottom of my toes and my blood ran cold.  Somehow, my street address was missing from the order!!!

In a panic, I emailed Tanis to ask if perhaps the order information did not contain all the address information?

No, unfortunately that was all I had entered.  Oh damn!  Oh horror!  In my paranoia checking that the suburb was right, I must had somehow deleted the street address.  Oh the anguish of a knitter who has lost a precious parcel of yarn!

I emailed NZ Post – would they be able to identify the package in the ‘undeliverable’ pile?  Only if there was a tracking number attached, came the apologetic reply.  Unfortunately, there was no tracking number.

Defeated,  I figured that would teach me a lesson for buying things when I was half asleep.  I resigned myself to waiting for the mail to chug all the way back to Canada, and then be re-addressed and find its way to me eventually.

And there the story may well have ended, except that a few days later, what should I find in my mailbox, but THIS!!

Tanis yarn

I nearly died of surprise.  How on earth had it got to me?  There was no redirection advice on the parcel, and the timing involved would have meant that the parcel went straight through the system until it got to my local postal centre.

The only conclusion I could come to was that my fabulous post man/local sorting room had somehow worked out where the parcel was meant to go, and delivered it!!!!  What superstars!!  Nothing else but human memory would have connected the dots so that a parcel addressed to me, in my suburb in Wellington, but with no street address information would actually find its way to my door.  Someone actually bothered to work out where the parcel should go and did not just toss it in the ‘don’t know, don’t care’ pile!

I had a very large smile on my face for the rest of the day.  It was a heart warming moment, all thanks to the amazing peeps at New Zealand Post.  Thank you guys, you are the best!!