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A trio of cats

From time to time, Eric dreams up a little project for me to do for him.  This time, it was Andre – a fat, yellow, knitted cat.

Back in 2009, Eric’s father gave me a copy of the Feb 2009 Let’s Knit, a UK knitting magazine (now here’s a man who knows how to make a knitter happy!)  The kids spotted the article on the fabulous felines from the publication There are Cats in This Book by Viviane Schwarz.  So they each got one – Andre, Moonpie (tall, skinny blue cat) and Tiny (teeny tiny red cat).

Although Eric originally only got Moonpie, he kept thinking of Andre and Tiny.  He wrangled Tiny out of me quite a while ago, but last week he decided he simply had to have the last in the set – Andre.

So here they are, all together:

I’m not the best knitter of knitted toys, but they’ve passed the standard as far as Eric is concerned, so that’s good.

I knitted Tiny and Andre from The Wool Co’s perendale, but Moonpie is done in a crepe yarn, the brand of which I cannot now remember (needless to say, it’s not New Zealand yarn).



Questionable sanity

A community fund raising event is coming up on 14 November, and in a moment of lapsed sanity, I decided to participate.

I thought, “I’ll make little toys.  They’ll be quick to make, and with Christmas coming up, they should sell well as stocking stuffers and Christmas presents.  They would also be a good opportunity for me to use up my odds and ends of New Zealand yarn.  If I knit one or two a day, I’ll have plenty to contribute.”  So I made two of these:

But Eric decided they were soooo cute that he wanted them.  OK.  There’s plenty of time.  I have a month…

Then I made this:

And Eric wanted him too!

Man.  This was getting me nowhere fast.  Eric, no more toys!  And time to ramp up the volume:

These guys are seriously cute.  I want them!

However, after having got through all that, plus a couple of others I haven’t bothered showing you, I decided toys were getting boring.   I needed a change.

I decided to experiment with hats.  Over the year, I’ve somehow managed to acquire a few hat-quantity amounts of Patons Jet, an alpaca/wool mix.  The colours are so fun, and great for a cheerful hat.  Time to knit them up!

I’ve also finally found a use for the Naturally Sensation yarn that I bought a massive quantity of in a past Knit World sale.  The fluffy angora merino mix makes a great slouchy beanie!  The pattern is one I made up, and it’s come out rather nicely.  I’ll put up the free pattern for it soon. 

A funny thing has happened though.  I have discovered I really like making hats.  They’re like the lollies of knitting – quick gratification, easy to do, lots of styles to experiment with.  I’m in love with my current WIP:

This one is The Wool Company’s Merino Possum (navy) and Zealana’s Rimu (natural). 

I’ll go back to toys next week.

I’m starting to wonder whether this little endeavour is going to be a bit like running a marathon.  But what the heck… I need a challenge.