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Weekend rainbows

Rainbow 3

If you have been watching my Instagram feed in the side bar (or following along – I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and discovering lots of nice people to follow!) you’ll have noticed I finished the Happy Rainbow socks a few days ago.  I decided to wear them today! I do love the feel of this 100% BFL sock yarn from Happy-go-knitty.

It is a beautiful start to the weekend.  A lovely warm, still and sunny day.  The perfect weather in which to kick back and recharge the batteries with a bit of reading, knitting and sitting in the garden with the bunny.  He is so adorable – look at him sitting companionably beside me as I knit.

Coal and Reyna

I’ve had to start a new ‘mindless’ knit – this one is Reyna.  I’m using Noro Taiyo Sock.  Such a lovely, lovely yarn, and the perfect stripe sequence for this pattern!  It’s actually quite hard to put down because for a change I am enjoying the garter stitch.  I attribute this to the gorgeous yarn and Noro’s special rustic wool/cotton/silk feel that I love so much.

It has been an emotionally exhausting week, and there are a few more to come while my workplace sorts out an organisation-wide restructuring.  It’s very likely I will not have a job soon.  That is okay. Sometimes a door needs to close, and in this case, I think it is time I looked to find new activities to pay the bills.  The rainbow message of hope is a particularly apt one for me at the moment!

Rainbow socks

That isn’t to say it still isn’t a super scary situation to be in, particularly as I do not have a partner, and I have a child to feed as well, but I need to put on my ‘big girl pants’ and work it through.  Audry had some lovely words of advice on her blog today, and she is quite right.  It will be alright in the end.

I did decide I needed a bit of a pick-me-up, and managed to convince myself that some new yarn was necessary… yeah…

new yarn

Midnight Yarns is a new-to-me NZ indie dyer – another discovery from Instagram!  Super pretty dye job on a sparkling sock base!  Vintage Purls had an all-blue stocking last week, and I of course decided I did not have enough blue in my stash!

Tomorrow, should the weather hold (we are supposedly in for some gale force winds) we are going on a walk with friends to a new-to-me location.  Watch the Instagram feed for pretty pics!

Hope you are having a good weekend and here’s to a great start to Socktober!



Banana breakfast pancakes

What better way to spend a rainy, windy Sunday morning than to cook banana pancakes for breakfast and peruse knitting books at the same time?

I can’t think of anything more relaxing.

These were so delicious that I am contemplating making more for mid-week morning snacks.  They are scrumptious with a plain cream cheese topping.  Someone else in the house had them with peanut butter and milk toffee spread, and someone else ate them plain.

They’re my own recipe.  Would you like to make some too?

This is what you need:

2 ripe bananas (smallish ones)

2 eggs

1 cup flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tbsp butter, melted

generous 1/4 cup sugar

milk  (for consistency)

Mash the bananas, and mix in the eggs and sugar until well combined.  Add to the separately sifted flour, baking soda and baking powder.  Mix in the melted butter.  Add milk if the mixture is too stiff, about a tablespoon at a time until you have a soft, cake mixture that is spoonable (but not runny).  I used about 2 tablespoons of milk, but how much you need depends on how big your bananas and eggs were and what kind of flour you are using.

Heat your skillet on medium heat.  When it is hot, start cooking the pancakes.  Each pancake will be a large tablespoon of mixture.  When the mixture bubbles on one side, flip it over.  It’s done when the pancake surface bounces back when pressed lightly.

Makes approx 15 pancakes.  Serve with your favourite topping or eat plain with a frothy hot cocoa on the side.

Hope you are having a good weekend!