It’s Winter, which means…

The wool fair season continues!  Hurrah!! If you are in Wellington or visiting around this time, you might like to know about the following dates: 21 June - Social Wool Fair This is the second year this fair has run.  It's a mix of stalls for both "new" yarn and the big "destash" event for knitters... Continue Reading →

Three bags full, Wonders of Wool

It was a most wonderful day yesterday.  The market was packed, the purchases fast and furious, and many, many crinkly paper bags full of wool went walking out the door, carried by very happy owners. My own purchases amounted to three bags full.  I am still grinning with pleasure. Let me introduce these lovelies: First up,... Continue Reading →

The seagull

"Skee!  Skeeee!"  screamed the seagull. "Oh, look Eric, the seagull is eyeing your sausage!" I remarked. "Where!??" "Look up there!"  I pointed, to a seagull hovering close overhead with its beady eye fixed on his lunch. "Aaargh!  It's not getting my food!!" he wailed, covering his lunch and running from the hovering bird. "Has it... Continue Reading →

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