A yarny update

Hello!  Happy Weekend! Well, it has been an interesting few weeks on the knitting front, and I thought it is about time we talked about happy knitting news!  In short order, the highlights have been as follows: I started my contract (hooray! Not knitting, but I thought I'd mention it.  I'm really enjoying being there... Continue Reading →


When I started this blog back in 2009, my aim was to contribute in some way to the sustainability of New Zealand's wool industry and the yarns made using New Zealand wool, by writing about them and showcasing projects that I knitted, and ultimately designed, in those yarns.  I also devoted lot of energy to writing information... Continue Reading →

Possum tales: Kiwi and the trees

Kiwi, the little brown flightless bird pattered hungrily along the forest underbrush, nosing through the leaf litter in search of juicy worms and tasty insects.  Possum, Rat and their friends had already taken most of the night's offerings, and the pickings were slim.  Rimu, tall and graceful, watched sadly, her feathery leaves flickering in the filtered moonlight,... Continue Reading →

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