The Kaka and the Tui in the Kowhai tree

This is the Kowhai, the New Zealand native spring blossom tree: We were in the Wellington Botanical Gardens yesterday evening where there are a number of  Kowhai trees in flower.  "Kowhai" (ko'fai) is the widely used Maori name for this tree.  It means "yellow".  It flowers in Spring, a mass of beautiful yellow bell-shaped flowers.... Continue Reading →

Zealandia day

As it's school holidays, I took my little man for a walk in Zealandia (formerly known as Karori Wildlife Sanctuary) yesterday.  Sometimes, the native wildlife is a bit shy, but yesterday, it put on a show!          An adolescent tuatara was very obliging (the tag on their back is to identify them):          The kaka came... Continue Reading →

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