Yarnie road trip info

Updated November 2015.

This page sets out links to posts I have written about more New Zealand yarns and where to find them:

A New Zealand yarn tour:  the South Island

A New Zealand yarn tour:  the North Island

Where to buy NZ knitting yarn in Wellington

Useful links for visitors:

Navigating NZ:  www.nzta.govt.nz/traffic/around-nz/index.html

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  1. Hi,
    I am Asri, from Indonesia, just got back from New Zealand last week and we are still in after glow being fascinated by your beautiful country. Your blog was one of my reference before I flew to NZ, as I do knitting,crochet and macrame. Thank you for your yarnie-road-trip info and we tried to follow your path on our way in North island but only to see a few. We managed to find the location of Akatere Woolcraft (finally) but unfortunately they dont do wools anymore, I met the lady owner (sorry, I forgot to ask her name) and she pointed out another location and we find : http://www.craftyorwot.com at 6627 State Highway 1, Pakaraka, RD 2 Kaikohe, the shop name is The Northland Craft & Gift shop. We were so happy to see this shop, bought some beautiful yarn, and of course took some pictures.
    While in Tauranga, we found Tauranga Knitting Center in Eleventh Street, but unfortunately it was closed on Sunday. Well, at least, we tracked them down based on your information in your blog. 🙂
    In Auckland, we went to Masco Wools shoop in Downtown Shopping Mall (Britomart), came right in time just 5 minutes before it closed (Sunday). The lady attendant was kindly enough to let us stay to pick and buy some of the wonderful yarns. Gheez… cant get enough of those merchandise in the store.

    Thank you for writing this, and please dont stop

    I would love to come back to NZ, learn more about wools and if I am lucky enough get hands on experience in a workshop / store / wool farm as a volunteer. If you have any of those information, I would appreciate it very much.

    Best regards,
    Asri Soerjadi in Jakarta

    1. Hello Asri! I am so glad you found the post useful, and thank you so much for taking the time to let me know of the developments since I last edited it. I will update! Your point about coming back to work in wool is interesting. Have a look here: http://www.wwoof.co.nz/ If you search ‘wool’ you will find people who have sheep and whom you could work for as a volunteer. This will be a good place to start. Good luck!

  2. As a northern girl, I thought I’d add to your info from Auckland North, these are all places I buy from regularly (of course I buy from the others you listed as well):

    Pakaraka (between Moerewa and Kaikohe) has the Alpaca shop, a large shop with plenty of parking. Situated right on the road surrounded by the alpaca farm. A good range of alpaca products including various yarns. Worth a stop. Wool as well as alpaca.

    The Apple Basket in Kaiwaka stocks patchwork, quilting and knitting supplies. She is starting to get a nice range of yarns including Touch. Knitsch and some Rowan. Just on the right hand side of the main rd. going north. You’ll see her flag. Also visit the Italian bakery, and the cheese shop.

    Gumtree Gully Alpacas , a family run business just south of Warkworth sells their own fibre hand dyed in lovely colourways. Phone them first 094222204.

    Wayby Wools – an online store selling her own handspun and hand dyed yarns

    Browns Bay Wool shop has changed hands, the owner is delightful and has packed a lot into her space.

    Milford has the Crafty Knitwits, it’s split over two levels, the top level is a lovely café (fine china and silver) and the bottom is the wool, patchwork , quilting and needlework supplies. Its owned by two sisters and they hold a knitting and crochet night on Wednesdays.

    There is also a new store called The Ribbon Rose on Mt Wellington Highway. A friend went there last week and said it was good – knitting and needlework.

    Mascoes in the Downtown centre has a good range , is open 7 days, and has a good selection of NZ yarns including Zealana, Touch and Creative fibre. Her NZ yarns are right by the door, the rest of the store is divided up by knitting gauge.

    NZ Fabrics and Yarns in the Queen’s Arcade only stocks NZ yarns and patterns. There is a café opposite in the arcade. She has a knitting night on Mondays.

  3. I’m a knitter in East Tennessee, U.S. I am planning a trip to New Zealand this December, I really appreciate your knit tour info. I’m leaving a good portion of my suitcase empty – to fill with NZ yarn for the trip home!!

    1. Have fun! I hope you have a lovely visit here. If you are travelling through Wellington, I highly recommend a stop at Holland Road Yarn Company, which is now in the basement of the Grand Arcade. They have the most extensive range of quality New Zealand yarns in Wellington. http://hollandroadyarn.co.nz/

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